I have been producing for 30 years since I started recording bands from my local youth centre scene on my 4 track in the early 90's... after finishing music technology and sound production (or was that sound technology and music production?!) with a Distinction with City Colleges, Manchester, I moved back to Oxford and after buying a mobile recording unit started producing local and visiting bands again - many seeing release and others just for demos.

Some of these can be heard on the Older Productions  here - not all are available sadly - some bands you may have heard of such as LAPSUS LINGUAE, THE ROCK OF TRAVOLTA, UNDERSMILE and MEANWHILE, BACK IN COMMUNIST RUSSIA... Of course I had a hand in many QUICKFIX RECORDINGS RELEASES and most of the SMILEX, THE PROHIBITION SMOKERS' CLUB, CHATEAUX 69, plus obviously my own solo music. 

 In 2020 I moved into mixing & mastering more as many artist can record themselves but not necessarily get the results they crave for the finished product - I have been doing ever since with some of the work that I could find on Spotify available to listen to on the playlist below (Note: all are mastered by me except Verbal Kink & At Risk - Some are mixed by me, some produced, some only mastered - feel free to get in touch to chat more about which etc). 

I pride myself on work that sounds great on radio and playlists next to anything they happen to placed with and with the compression that these platforms add to releases. I always send a draft mix for any revisions and feedback. 

I have done work for many since including Kellindo Parker, Jennie 'Bellestar' Matthias, Max Norton, The Subtheory ft. Sam Brox, Geisha Davis x NZM Inc, King Crash, Hybrid Spirits, Saturn Saturn Saturn, MC Tunes and many more!

You can find my current rates for mixing & mastering for up to 10 songs on the price list below (they will go up!)

Any other enquiries, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - I do still produce artists/bands/records etc but only under specific circumstances and take into account any costs, so please do get in touch if you need the full service. 

Listen to examples of my work on Spotify here:

 “Patience. Vision. Kindness. We're lucky to have found the UK's very own Rick Rubin.” - Brodie (& Malky) Brown

 “Lee remixed and mastered a track for me and made a huge difference to the overall sound and vibe. A fresh pair of ears will always be beneficial for any music producer and Lee's come highly recommended.” - Cherokee Redmex

 “I first met Lee through Groover, he was very supportive and gave me some much needed encouragement and advice. Since then he has been amazing and has provided me with technical services (mixing and mastering) which were excellent and has continued to be an invaluable support.

"I can't recommend him highly enough.” - Grizelda Pughe

 “Lee really knows his stuff and can add value through the entire musical process. He has a great depth of knowledge when it comes to music, theory, production, mixing/mastering, marketing and additional media. As someone who was new to music and the music industry, the support and services provided by Lee have been key to my music and development as an artist.” - Finlay Mclauchlan (NZM Inc. & The Sexy Wild East)

 “Within a few days of sending my wav files, Lee had created a final master of my song through regular communication and trial mixes which led to fantastic audio conclusion!“ - Greyhead Bosinquet

"Lee took over after a lesser mastering job was done and we were kind of unfulfilled with because it seemed to be flat and missing something but when he did, it really got the next best thing to the Albini treatment and we got what we were looking for creatively, so the music really jumped out at you and we got what we were aiming for." - Josh (TVSEXDEATH)

 "Lee was a huge help when it came to mastering “Those Days” by Lovegod & The Chairmen. He understood our release schedule and worked quickly but was also able to provide a few alternative masters for the band to pick from adding his own creativity to the process. My experience with working with Lee was that he became part of the creative process and clearly spent time understanding the music before deciding how to master it. He brought out his vision but the tracks still stand up well in any playlist." - Daniel Clear (Lovegod & The Chairmen)